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tv   CCTV News  PBS  February 3, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PST

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the world. also on the wet and meets the network's da door a i. second he has new let's start. sth. i am. i was. only when you're the owner. the usual dramatic
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things. it seems. beyond working. it's tuesday the green. i draw all the book. while. i am. sch
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ch ch. the two. the hour. in the i eye. i knew it into an n y town. on a. you knew you
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eu. sonnets. it is in you. i look up. woohoo what a. hang the man was in julian cool climates in the summer the immediate reasons is this season's arrive the on in june. we're really in the initial advantage of the coolness of it. with that
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two years. the tree seedlings are going to see you. this is the most intensively the musical the old saying go cry room with a boom in the summer is known for you would ease her mission. commonly used in place for christmas in touch with the small fields make it impractical and cry. here's a scene dutch and become a tourist destination attracting photographers from the big cities far away as beijing and shanghai the villagers have welcomed us to follow. hoping that tourism can bring new life to
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the area. across from the village there is a parent's wish that photographers are drawn to take pictures. the village has decided to build a twenty meter stone pathway to ease access to. religion and reason silence for the project. stone iraq are being collected from nearby ravine. the construction team consists of fine gold villagers. this has to be the oldest construction team in the world. the combined age is over three hundred and fifty years old. the work will probably take them about a month to finish. in recent days. street dogs have been killing villagers goats early one morning. twenty oh six and share your resume to go back to the village. it belongs to forty in the village head the lady at
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the not happy about. like if the radical idea. i don't like that with them. would that mean. the money singapore the us the eu more news when she is worried and angry. knowing that it belongs to worsen she calls him to discuss what to do the day. let it you'll use it to its tail you know you don't. on monday. this was a noble cause he knew. i know. i put in. the total amount is
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intended to lunch. he did. i guess that to happen to have what is good. after two weeks worth of the stone panthers have completed. i warned you and sean jones are responsible for laying the stamps. the answer to his leg problems stays below cutting and shaping the stones. going to meet wei chung face the toughest job carrying the cut stones on their back. wei chong slowed more than eighty kilos challenging enough for a manhattan tuesday. call. your welcome though. what a day or two. and. but what if that
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wasn't it. lately. that was before. fruits. while villagers a gathering in truman's place for especially the two had been to school this is lee moore who runs a clinic in the city with his wife. we heard about the old timers lewd conduct yesterday offered his services for free. he came about one month ago images now he's back with the content. due to a power outage during the day they have to work on into the night. beyond that the meal. we all know
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the site and its own lives the line up below the knee on the heat of the huge goofball. and with it. by then the dap on but he hasn't won on the eye. in. the our walk with christ in it and yet at the cabin as well twenty oh six the ship has been hanging around in town and drink. she sees him. he was sporting a trendy new
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hairstyle. you'll continental like how i'm trying to get reflected in the case. you see. the media that will lead me on so come and say oh hi viz. nearly one hundred firms had made. you deal with his regency weeks went on to the sea. oh lol. you knew. he stated he did. he says. he knew he went in. i room. i'm not. used to now begin. to that. i own. she gets. god is
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beyond me. it's the eye. you see. nt. i found. we were yet to be on leave following his win the two weeks after the dentist says it uses to shepherd runs on taking one thousand five hundred un with it. villagers say has come under the influence of the cab driver and two introduced into the pleasures of the city he's no longer interested in herding goats in the mountains. i guess what we do. one of my abilities
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and the next time. she is highly likely due to the nominees. he is an asset did she know. in two one was the motivation. it all another key. which one you notice is in jeopardy even turn on the ocean when the age yesterday that feeling anxious. the seagulls and love. a charter fishing allan horsley said. wishing i was so well for you. so put this up. this is good all the kids are the roots of the oven but if martial law it was in my life the way up
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through this. you know. oh well. it was. that would open so that the pontiff was to show me. but still. use. it started out the a or lupus. i was with them. so yes if you did. god has allotted for the one that suited them citizens. all of the whole of man. did it. anaheim the time. and in pain. eight
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top. when you use. cz. the i know. moo moo moo me always wanted a wii. all while bought one at a piano. we
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did. the little daniel didn't make it. external door the documentary. i mean it's so. the stone steps one grandchildren. from a city with a summer break it's time to harvest the pepper. like a walnut tree. numerous pepper trees here. another solution to the village i will. hunter
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the job of helping when she falls upon each family into the storms are common in july increasing threats of lightning strikes and flashlights so i was going to be helping guide shepherd today has gone back to the village with bad news over twenty goats or been hit by lightning on the moment. every family is affected. as soon as the rain stops and then go on to inspect the damage. the bbc's to return to the village each carrying a dead animal on it
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the idea. well we went in on it. it all. on monday. not me last year i went you know what i'm doing. but you can look at how it completely but does not fit to solve them i know. shepherd lame show is for not listening to his designs people are. on the pie a home run in the yen
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the kiwi said yes so teeny and out of diapers you know not to. it's exciting news your items for you. no thought as to why one will live with federal and state of the one in. the full bar with the new one. lessons went on we went from one to know the why. no word on that one. long. if you don't receive two reasons i received from them yet. ok a model checking things out there. i know what. jackie ashley. a little. i will learn to swim teams in attendance and ready to harvest. cue the terraces and down to maturity to produce just one from kenya. when you
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lose a small piece of your repeated on a rarity and can get to cross. usually potatoes followed by brunch jones will hold its annual temple for today. family members living in the city are expected to return and take part most of you to enjoy fresh. bonsai. all four once i was nuts. i can. todd each looked real and strength ones. secondly over
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forty kilos. which one. bob stein use it. don't know yet it's hard to do the children. hack. this tool to do to pull through in welcoming mood to such an important festival. the old villagers in the two were rico claim that it won't rain until the afternoon. if it all the lord stone dragon oversees the winter after all on. the relatives are turning up the bus from them
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true religion literature you were. i know. we like to use rates will improve the blessings of god the plan soon and don't you so the whole villages like a big extended family three go straight to the younger generation are slaughtered for the youth. women are watching the newly harvested potatoes can be. koreans direction. everything is shaping up well including preparations for a special dish of mutton and miller his mother was chatting with an old man. the list of village thirty years ago this is the first time he has returned. woohoo wrong. i
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have. it is. and. pride. and you. local ministry reorganization in nineteen ninety. many doctor who has since moved away. do your part to so many years many childhood friends no longer recognize. i am and the kids
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any. do. i had. you use beans too much going on. this is due to eight years he predicts the best guard sean can offer to its cast. aye aye . and to the temple the former conform and compliance to show off their talents. you seem to want to
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sing your room. and . just who he really did. what would i. condom. a week. you do they are. i will. sneezing
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that evening. it looks and smells too. i know. you doe. in
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it is. fruit. mm mm mm mm you lulu. it's mutual the new rules. the wall. six decades. on that she has hardly changed since ancient time. march low. a chilling the ancient village woohoo leno. i say i have. i do.
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two the day. chief. and. it is faster. it is. i had it pains me. for her to tears
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since nineteen eighty four i consider myself lucky because the hobbit and even pop in for dinner. they're back on. charity the bus the tears that they can be seen there she meets thing going on. she was there to get a chance to shake a bit of spirit and she anything phd and she shared before she did decide to go to chris' comments on comments at that time in their own the man and put an end. i don't eat out of me. one day she came to korea on top. she picks one and the dot com and she loves the state to issue the issue but claimed to be she expected to be. she took
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a peek. after achieving high she said maybe the kids were told that he might ask did i one of them the plan and the end. some of them standing there with sensible adults. the pressure on the way. she has lived at one forty. and there but slowing i hated my favorite is the one of the sentence and she said. it's going to die once remember life is trying to blame for this. i'm sure the bed and leave their legality. and amen to that traditionally male dominated society. we went to four. i
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don't mind that it gets the facilities but still i've got to the shore it she made it on. i like it their breasts. tests. each it adds that the cops in this episode we have seen statements that didn't go out as one of the day. the bnp jamaat alliance jobless and attacks on hindu was kinda on the beach. i'm uploading the metropolitan court has handed out death penalty to fourteen people including the john mackey is from the chief


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